PE block foam production running at full speed


Choose from 11 new qualities! KÖPP’s high quality polyethylene block foam at a competitive price.


KÖPP’s high quality polyethylene block foam at a competitive price

For about one year now, not only have our customers from the packaging industry benefited from this, but with the production of various special qualities, we now serve other applications and sectors including the automotive industry with its specific requirements and environmental compatibility.

Light, low emission, readily available

The diverse characteristics of our product range is impressive. PE at KÖPP with a wide range of properties e.g. flame retardant, high temperature resistant, isolating and thermoformable. Also new to the range is a low density of 20 kg/m³ block foam – unique worldwide for a chemically cross-linked PE block foam. All this available directly from our warehouses in Germany, Romania and Canada.

Tested and approved by independent institutes

  • Blue Angel acc. to RAL ZU 132
  • VOC acc. to VDA 278 -> 643/492
  • Odour testing acc. to VDA 270 -> 2,5
  • Thermal conductivity acc. to EN ISO 10456:2009-12 and EN 12667:2001-01 -> 0,034 W. /m. K.
  • Conformity acc. to (EG) Nr. 1907/2006 (REACH)
  • Conformity acc. to directive 2011/65/EG (RoHS)

More to follow – we will keep you informed

We continue to develop, test and produce. Our development pipeline includes conductive and static dissipative qualities, low densities, further colours, as well as halogen-free FR grades, all of which will be available shortly.

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