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Cellular polyethylene

Cellular polyethylene is one of the most versatile and cutting-edge cellular materials in terms of application and processing quantity. That is why we produce and sell an enormous range of PE types including cross-linked polyethylene foams with various densities and in many colours and various degrees of softness.

KÖPP also offers electrically conductive, anti-static and fire resistant qualities of cellular polyethylene. The range includes metallocene qualities, a unique polyamide foam and PE and EVA blends.

Areas of application

Cellular polyethylene

Cellular polyethylene – the material

All our cellular polyethylene qualities combine the positive properties of a plastic: high ageing stability, high chemical resistance, low emission values, exceptionally uniform density, they are odour-free and suitable for hot forming processes. It comes as no surprise that the possible applications for polyethylene are almost unlimited: from automotive engineering and the packaging sector to countless industrial applications, medical technology and orthopaedics.

In order to meet all our clients’ needs, we offer polyethylene in different qualities, densities and block sizes, and in selected blends. We can supply you the material as blocks, sheets or rolls, processed into strips or punched, moulded or milled parts, with or without a self-adhesive coating.

You can download our data sheets on cellular polyethylene from our Service Centre.

Processing methods

We can supply you cellular polyethylene as blocks, sheets or rolls, processed into strips or punched, moulded or milled parts, with or without a self-adhesive coating.

Case inserts 
Case inserts
Punched parts 
Punched parts

Technical data

  • A variety of densities (from 18 kg/m³)
  • Low heat conducting values (approx. 0.04 W/mK)
  • High resistance to chemical corrosion
  • Low fogging. Non-allergenic
  • High ageing stability
  • Suitable for hot-forming processes
  • Highly fire resistant (FR)
  • Coloured version also available
  • Electrically conductive or anti-static versions available
  • Easy to work
  • Cost-effective
  • High temperature resistance
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Low-density polyethylene a closed-cell polyethylene foam that is cross-linked under high pressure. The standard qualities have densities ranging from 18 kg/m³ to 70 kg/m³ and they are available in a wide variety of colours. The range also includes qualities that are highly fire resistant, electrically conductive, static dispersive, and particularly suitable for hot forming.

Thanks to the great variety of options on offer, LDPE foams are used in various sectors, including packaging and the automotive industry, the health sector, medical technology and the construction sector.


High-density polyethylene is a closed-cell polyethylene foam that is cross-linked under low pressure. It has densities between 30 kg/m³ and 115 kg/m³. An attractive feature of HDPE foams is their excellent heat resistance.

Their structure is significantly more pressure-resistant and rigid than LDPE, so HDPE foams are the ideal material for technical applications.


EVA is a closed-cell, cross-linked EVA, available with densities ranging from 25 kg/m³ to 80 kg/m³. EVA foams are more tough and elastic than LDPE foams and they are often used in the area of sports and leisure.

You can choose from a wide range of colours and there is even an electrically conductive (CN) version, too. One of the features of this material is that it has a high return rate (i.e. a low compression set).


Special features

Perfect in any shape

We also supply special versions: for example with flame-retardant additives (for the aeronautical or construction sectors) and conductive or static dispersive properties (for manufacturing and packaging electronic products). Our customers’ practical needs are always sparking new initiatives that we take on with our partner for cellular polyethylene and develop. This gives rise to innovative products, which can do exactly what the market demands.

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